Additional Language Services

Translation and Interpreting combined

Why work with two professionals when I can provide both services? Why not consider a one-stop-shop solution? I can both interpret and translate for you, thus ensuring a seamless continuity of service.

This combined offer will help you:

  • maintain top quality throughout your service
  • create a coherent and results-oriented client experience
  • halve your admin time
  • cut down on your recruiting costs
  • free up your schedule for more profitable work
  • reduce stress in the knowledge that all your language needs are in good hands

I can also provide a range of additional language services to facilitate your communications:

Terminology Management

I use tools to create glossaries and databases to ensure consistent use of terminology on future projects, thus guaranteeing linguistic consistency, accuracy and uniformity of branding across all your communications.


I provide transcripts of monolingual or bilingual recordings of police interviews, evidence or media productions, thus creating a clear and validated record of proceedings for future reference.


I revise translations carried out by qualified professionals against source texts, thus creating a polished and impeccable final document.

Linguistic Validation

I conduct interviews with a predetermined sample of people to test their understanding of surveys and report back to the survey writers, enabling them to finalise an effective and user-friendly document designed to achieve the clearest results.

  • This [project] involved the translator providing a translation of a police interview for the client. Setting up the project was quite involved as the translator had to complete the work at the client’s premises, work from an audio/video recording rather than a written document etc. The translator was very amenable during the various conversations we had to arrange the project. The translator followed instruction to the letter, which was quite a tricky task, and we were very pleased with her approach.

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