I offer business clients a solid combination of hard-won experience and thorough familiarity with a full range of executive and professional texts.

My previous career as a business continuity analyst, training and recruitment analyst and trainer gave me access to a wide range of reports and training materials in various formats.  As a result the documents you send me for translation will be similar to those that landed on my desk daily.

My translations will therefore be informed, accurate and fluent.  And in order to ensure consistency and increase efficiency for your future projects, I use research and terminology-management tools to build glossaries and generate valuable time-saving linguistic resources for your use.

However where I can add value beyond fluent and accurate translations is in my familiarity with English and Arabic business cultures.  Not only will it be obvious that your text has been written by a native Arabic speaker, it will also include all the right cultural nuances to ensure that your message gets across clearly but sensitively, effectively but appropriately.

My aim is to help you conduct your business, gain new clients and maintain your professional image at all times and to do so in a way that meets the cultural and business expectations of clients in the Middle East.

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  • Market research
  • Website translation
  • Compliance
  • Company policy
  • HR and training
  • Risk management
  • Company by-laws and shareholder agreements

Why me

  • HND in Business & Finance
  • Former CPI Analyst
  • Former Business Continuity Analyst
  • Former trainer
  • Combined translation and interpreting
  • Knowledge of Arabic business culture
  • I am very pleased to confirm that Mariana Yousif is known to us as a freelance Arabic <> English interpreter and translator. Since first working for us in March 2008 as an interpreter she has done many interpreting assignments and completed numerous top-quality translations for us. She has excellent formatting skills and a very good eye for detail and is always prepared to go the extra mile for our customers. Mariana has proved herself continuously to be a great asset to our company and we have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who may need her services.

    Alison Harding, Project Manager, ABC Translations

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