Chartered Linguist status is awarded to long-standing members of the Chartered Institute of Linguists who are engaged in regular professional practice as providers of foreign-language services and undertake relevant CPD on a regular basis.

Translation deals with the written word and interpreting with the spoken word.  I thus provide translation services for all your documents and website needs and interpreting services for when you need to meet clients face to face, or on the telephone, or via video conference.

I studied business and finance at Brighton University and I also have a DipTrans (Diploma in Translation) and a DPSI (Diploma in Public Service Interpreting) from The Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL).  The DipTrans is a professional translation qualification and the DPSI is professional qualification for interpreters certifying they are of a standard to work in courts of law.

As a Member of The Chartered Institute of Linguists and the NRPSI I am bound by their Codes of Conduct.  Over the past 14 years I have worked with both translation agencies and direct clients in various sectors.  However the details of our collaboration remain confidential at all times.

I translate into Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) or Classical Arabic, which, unlike spoken Arabic, has no regional variations.  This therefore eliminates the need for different versions for the various Arabic markets.

When I am interpreting my Egyptian dialect is easily understood by all Arabic speakers.  During my interpreter training I also learned to interpret into Modern Standard Arabic.

However please note that I do not interpret for speakers of Moroccan and Algerian dialects unless only Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is used.  If you require this service I will do my best to refer you to a colleague who can help.

Every project is different, with its own level of research, linguistic challenge and time required.  I therefore quote a project rate for all texts, for which I first need to see the documents.  In the case of interpreting, a conversation beforehand will help establish your exact needs.

  • A competent and helpful translator, for whom nothing is too much trouble. Translations are well researched and the final work is of an excellent quality.

    Charta Translations

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