International Development

My lifelong interest in international development and a passion for affording everyone a decent standard of living and the opportunity to better their lives have been driving forces in my career as a translator.

This has been strengthened by my face-to-face interpreting experience with refugees and victims of human right abuses and my own experience growing up in Sudan.  I am of course thoroughly familiar with the potential challenges and sensitive cultural factors involved.

I provide a translation and interpreting service for NGOs and the voluntary sector, with a focus on humanitarian work, human rights, sustainable development, governance, public health and disease control, educational policy, anti-corruption and counter terrorism.

In these vital areas my translations will enable you to state your case and make your point concisely, convincingly and cogently.

Why not contact me today to discuss how I can help you express your ideas and reach an ever wider audience?

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  • Reports
  • Policies
  • Research
  • African governance
  • Conference Materials

Why me

  • Advanced terminology management
  • Excellent research skills
  • Clear writing
  • Full CTC security clearance
  • DBS Enhanced Certificate
  • Mariana is an excellent translator, she is professional, personable and conscientious, delivering on time and to specification. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

    Sarah Marsden, Lecturer in Terrorism Studies,University of St Andrew’s

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