My translation work covers four closely related specialist areas.  Click on each one for more details of my background and translation experience:

When working in these various fields I draw on both my former career in business and finance and my wide-ranging experience as a translator in these domains.

And I do so at all times in a way that meets the cultural and business expectations of clients in the Middle East.

Despite their difference in focus, these fields require similar things of the translator:

  • familiarity with the socio-economic contexts of both source and target countries
  • expertise in the subject matter
  • a native-speaker level understanding of both languages
  • painstaking research
  • lucid, readable prose that helps rather than hinders clarity and effective communication
  • an ability to write in Arabic that does justice to the meticulous quality of your own text.

These are all qualities I can provide with confidence and pride.

  • While working as a project manager for a translation company I regularly outsourced Arabic translation and proofreading to Mariana over a period of three years.  Her work was always on time and of a high standard and her linguistic expertise was invaluable.  In addition she is extremely cooperative and very reliable – essential attributes in this industry!

    Kate Stansfield,Freelance French and Spanish to English Translator

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